Possible Break Time
Hey guys despite the fact that i created that contest that started recently, i've been looking at my business budget for the year, and noting that i haven't been keeping up with payments that well previously again...

I got re accepted into a bachelor's degree program, and I feel like right now money wise I can't put much into this.  That means I don't feel like i should be posting, if i can't afford to give to my creator friends. 

I'm warning you of this now because before feb i have to figure this out. I don't have a lot of money coming up, and i'm not a popular person on here beceause i haven't been as into updating with the lack of art i've been making. 

That isn't to say that i'm QUITTING patreon all together, just probably taking a break until i can afford the whole reciprocation game. 

I know i've done this before, but i can't genuinley continue being on here if i'm not producing things.  Also i'm incredibly busy and incredibly broke. 

please feel free to stay as a watcher, as i may continue to update for free and not require monetary payment until such time as i'm able to bring you quality content that isn't an ADHD spaz. 

I just have no time, i'm starting school on Feb 17th, i'm working on top of school and i'm trying to work on my business.