So I'm on the cusp of potentially needing spend some time away from work.  My sister is pregnant and due any day (I'm getting another  niece, so excited!!) and things in her life have decided this is a good  time to fall apart.  One of her cats, Sakura, is severely ill with what  is very likely to be lung cancer.  Her dog, Charlotte, has been acting  out pretty bad because she's picking up on the stress in the household.   Our mom, who was going to take care of my niece April while my sister  is in labor, has a severe cold with a fever.  So she might not be able  to help at all unless she kicks this cold FAST. My brother may be able  to help some, but he's responsible for the care of his very disabled  girlfriend, so he can't help as much.

That leaves me!  I have a bag packed and my car has a full tank; I'm  ready to leap to action when needed.  With Sakura sick and our mom  possibly out of the running, it adds some extra elements of worry that  we didn't have before.  I may need to be away from work for a while to  help my sister in this really stressful scary time.  If all goes well, I  will only be away from work a couple days though, we'll see.

For now I'm scrambling to get as much work done as possible so my  absence from work doesn't impact my queue progress as much.  I'm still  hammering at that traditional commission, but my next priority is Patreon work.  I had hoped to dedicate this whole week to Patreon, but I will have to split my time between this traditional commission and Patreon I think.

I'm also behind on publicly posting Patreon work, I will be getting to that soon!