possible late page this week
hey friends

i'm doing my best to stay on schedule, but this weekend i lost a friend very suddenly. she was only 23, and really just gripping adulthood by the horns. it's come as an immense shock, and i'm still reeling.

she was even a patron for a while, and always a fan of the comic. i drew a cover for her novel (which she finished, but never got a chance to send to publishers) and i really can't even do justice to how talented and loving and supportive she was.

myself and some other friends will begin working on arranging an art auction to raise money for a charity in her memory, but that's going to take a while. in the meantime...i just need to keep soldiering on.

sorry for the downer. but just...remember to tell your friends you love them. sometimes our chances to do so are fleeting...and we don't know it until it's too late.