Possible slight delay on this week’s pages
Hey all! I’m working on getting everything done and playing catch up to try and get content up tonight, but just sending a note that this week’s pages may be going up on Saturday and Sunday instead of today. We have a wildfire burning in my area, and on Monday I had to leave work early to evacuate. Evacuations were lifted on Tuesday night and I was safe to unpack on Wednesday morning, but we were issued a continued fire weather watch for our area in anticipation of hot, dry, windy weather this weekend.  Needless to say the whole thing set me back a few steps and I’ve been trying to play catch up for the last couple of days and try to resume business as usual. I’m so sorry for page delays AGAIN this week, and I promise I am workin’ hard to try and get them up for you! I also apologize that the art blog section of the patreon has been pretty quiet lately, and I WILL be making things for you all in the coming week!

Thank you as always for your support, your kindness, and your understanding 💕