POST #1 - Perks for Patreon Members
By becoming a member of the BaxaArt community here on Patreon, you get all kinds of perks in addition to the rewards offered in the pledge tiers. Much of the content I share here will not be shared anywhere else. I’m looking forward to connecting with other art lovers on a whole new level than I have in the past. 


Members of our community get all kinds of exclusive perks that are not shared anywhere else, content only available to the inner circle. In addition, many of the great items you’ll receive are exclusive collectibles with very limited edition runs.

Exclusive Previews + Early Access 

One week advance preview on Originals and Limited Edition Print sales before going public

Discounts after they’re made public

Sneak Peeks and WIPs: Members get to immerse themselves in the artistic process. As I  create works throughout the month, I’ll be posting my thoughts, sketches, and work in  progress (WIP) photos and videos leading up to the final piece.

BaxaArt Store Discount, always

Members ALWAYS get a discount at the store, which increases based on the  level tier you’re part of, form 10% up to 30%

Discounts on art and collectibles generated during this Patreon

Updates on BaxaArt and Zombie Coven news 

News on the fiction, art, progress, process 

Monthly Surprise Giveaways

Once a month, I’ll be delivering a FREE surprise gift to one member of this Patreon, chosen at random, no matter what level you’re contributing at. It might be a token card, pin, bookmark, postcard, a pdf book, a sketch or print! It’s a way for me to say thank you for being part of our community and supporting my creative endevours.


In addition to the monthly surprise giveaway, I’ll also be running occasional giveaways of bigger items like limited edition prints, sketches, and mini paintings. Members that have been with me for extended periods will get special milestone gifts as well.

Live Stream Discussions and Demos

I’ll be doing occasional live streams that include Q&A sessions about my art and fiction

Join in the Creative Process

Higher tier members will have an opportunity to be part of the creative process by offering up suggestions for original pieces of art, most of which will end up in the Zombie Coven book.

Vlog and Post content:

Here are some things you will get in my Patreon exclusive Posts and Vlog:

Early previews of New Paintings

Work In Progress (WIP) videos + posts

BaxaArt news

What I’m up to, cons, product releases, and more. 

ZC Fiction Behind the Scenes

Zombie Coven novel excerpts

Extra material not in the novel: character studies, development notes, world building notes, ZC zombies notes, and more. 

Posts about my writing process, trials + tribulations, anecdotes

Instructional demos and tutorials

Instructional vids, time-lapse vids, demos, and tutorials

We’ll talk portfolios, business of art, getting gigs

Discuss concepts in my paintings, and insights into my process


Discussions about art supplies, reference, books, software, gear, and tools of the trade.

Ask me questions, I’ll answer

There will be lotsa opportunities for you to ask me questions that I will answer in the vlog and occasional Live Stream events.

Fiction Audio Excerpts

Occasional posts of audio excerpts of the Zombie Coven novel

Gallery show and Workshop invites

Kickstarter Discount Tiers

Patreon members always get a discount on any Kickstarter I run

Input on the Patreon

Input from you as to what you’d like to see happen on ZC patreon, what kind of rewards, videos, etc.

Enjoy!  Tom

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 191 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 191 exclusive posts