Post-apocalyptic zombie survival game project information
Project “Alpha”: A multiplayer post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, focusing on survival. It uses a unique system to convert complexity to simplicity, in realistic analogies. Also, the game follows a simple rule: character's knowledge over player's knowledge. The characters will only be able to do things they know, no matter what the players know. For example, most people know that a red mushroom is poisonous. A character without this knowledge sees an edible mushroom. 

In this game, there aren't unnecessary skills and statistics. While low levels allow the usage, higher unlocks the expertise. For example, the medical skill on the first level treats light injuries. The same skill on the last level nurses life-threatening wounds. Increasing a skill or statistic by one point increases the odds of survival. Alliances in the game will be vital when almost everything wants to kill the players. Allies will help players to fortify safe houses or exchange valuable supplies. In short, in a hostile world, players will be able to do everything for their survival. Will they help others to survive? Will they only care for themselves? The choice will be theirs. 

Currently, on 1st revision, it needs more work; even though a lot of content has been completed. Storyline, NPCs, lore are barebones and game's mechanics lacks most of its elements. A rough estimation suggests that I will release a version within the next year. 

More information as development continues. The patrons will get this information faster and better.

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