Post Apocalyptic Nick
Hiya! We're in the final day of the Validation Final Push Kickstarter! Wanted to showcase one of the rewards on offer: Post Apocalyptic Nick.

Post Apocalyptic Nick is a 64 page full-color self-contained graphic novel starring Nick Surrey, a hipster sales rep from New Jersey on a business trip in California. His marriage is on the verge of falling apart when suddenly his hotel collapses and the world ends. He tries to get back cross country with practically no survival skills. Along the way he meets crazy cops, radioactive zombies, strange truckers, legless exotic dancers and mutant birds. The book is full of pop culture references to some of your favorite apocalyptic movies. 

The book is co-written by myself and Tony DiGerolamo, and features artwork and design by Tom Kurzanski. It is available as a reward on its own and is also included in the "All Your Merch Plz" tiers. Time is running out so please be sure to stop by our Kickstarter today!

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