(Phone reception is very limited, so apologies for lack of replies)


Cyclone felt and sounded a lot scarier than it actually was, thankfully. It hit high end category 4 but not 5 (there's only 5 categories). Lost the empty chicken shed out the back and the trees were stripped, but no serious housing damage here. Haven't had power for 4 days and we only just got (brown) water back now. I have never been so happy to hear a toilet flush. Everything felt and smelled so gross. 4 days in a humid tropical climate with no showers. Urghhhhhh.

Unfortunately power could be 5 days to 3 weeks away. Damage was pretty severe there. Extremely generous neighbors are letting us borrow their generator to charge stuff. The most damaging thing to us has been the lack of work. No income to keep us sustained. I am lucky that Patron is my income, but my household has not been able to pick up much work while everyone is recovering. Combined with not being able to make any decent meals, energy and morale has been low.

I feel extremely privileged to be able to go to Japan on Sunday, and leave this shoddy situation. If it wasn't for the fact the trip was an already paid for gift, I would have stayed behind. I'll definitely be limiting my spending so any remainder can be used to help pay for bills and food when I get back. 

As for the cyclone itself, once we realised we were totally safe indoors it was actually really cool. I got some mad footage that I can't wait to show you when I get back from Japan and we (hopefully) have electricity back. The eye of the cyclone was completely on top of us and it was so surreal how quickly it went from 250km winds and sideways rain, to a calm overcast day, and back again. We went for a quick drive during the eye to check out the carnage. Mental. Not many trees left standing. Couldn't get very far without a large tree blocking the road anyway. Super awesome first on the scene footage I am super excited to share. 

Anyways, that is really all there is to say about it! I'll do a video on it with all the footage and photos when I'm back from Japan. I'll see yas later, hopefully from Japan!

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