Post-Election thing
So, that was a mess. After a sick spell and missing a promised Friday stream, I only recovered on the most anxiety-inducing night in recent memory: election day. Needless to say, I'm rattled. This isn't really about politics, though -- it's about this particular Patreon.

I'm going to be adding streams to make up for the loss, but with Thanksgiving coming up, I may end up losing another day, which is not ideal. And that's not particularly fair to those who were incentivized by rewards to support me.

I haven't decided on how yet; I'm going to try some process vids exclusive to this Patreon at the $2+ level, since new features have been added to the post-making format. This may become a $5+ reward in December or afterward, but for now, the bar is low to make up for lost time and lost streams. I think it'll work as a great concession, and give people a chance to watch at their leisure, rather than have to schedule around livestreams which are not archived for later perusal. I'll use these vids possibly for requests as well, so that's some additional fun.

If you haven't made your requests for October or November yet and you're a $5+ patron, PLEASE let me know what you'd like. Only one slot is filled for the time being, and I can always do more.

A reminder:  One character, either original or established in mainstream fiction, and PLEASE provide reference for anything I can't just pull off a very quick Google Images search.  (Note: Live action is cool, too.) 

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