Post Galentines update
We did it. We came together, we had a ball. 

In Ludwig, a place to get together for drinks and a cosy time surrounded by wild art in the Fluid Gallery, a small group of women celebrated anti-valentines by ripping shit apart and eating vegan peanutbutter chocolate balls. Sweet sweet balls provided by co-organisor and artist Suzanne Forbes, who also managed to create 3 beautiful collages in one night, one of which has a very rococo chicken, and drew a portrait of one of our admirors. Very impressive!

We were inspired by women of myth and our inner goddesses, as we came together on valentine's day to celebrate the feminine instead of giving in to the heteronormativity that surrounds us on this day.

I came up with a fertile ocean goddess, admired by mermaids and other creatures. She holds the ocean and influences the waxing and waning moon, ebb and flow and the flow of our cycles. I think she made my period start the next day. Or maybe it was the upcoming new moon.

I was so impressed with the way all the participants managed to bring out their own inner world in a medium they rarely use, collage. Warming up we seemed to be looking for rules, but the truth is, there are no rules. Use nailpolish as glue, or write on your work, or draw shit you don't find in a magazine right now. Go outside of the lines of your board. Who cares! Art is what you make of it, and it can be anything.

With this in mind we enjoyed some powerful girl punk and strong female voices with the playlist by me, you can find it on Spotify

Hopefully soon we will invite more ladies to join us on our artventures! Stay tuned!


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