Post Holiday Update
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, 

Apologies folks for a lack of updates last couple of days but it was Christmas after all and and along with the holiday I've been gearing up for a little something special for near the end of this year. 

As I did mention to our regular twitch crowd a bit when asked about our 2nd Youtube channel and what was going on I did detail the plans a bit but let me clarify. 

I will be streamlining and changing format a bit for Youtube. I'm primarly known for my work in survival games ex.The Long Dark, 7DTD etc. I have tried to distance my self a little this year by branching out onto some of the other stuff I like to become an all around entertainer. 

Looking over the numbers throughout the year does paint a pretty clear picture of what works and what doesn't. So starting in the next day or so after the channel update announcement I'll be switching to purely survival games on the main channel going forward. 

So this is where the 2nd channel is going to start to shine off. Orginally The House of Game channel was made in the off chance the various shady copyright strikes from angry developers back when youtube had a pretty shaddy way of doing things that could really silence a channel. 

I started doing the channel in my side time by doing Dead State again and another Fallout 4 series. Haven't done anything on that lately because because I've had a total lack of interest in Dead State and have been on a break from Fallout 4 as I've been a little burntout on the game lately. 

The 2nd channel will now be home to new releases,game reviews,rpg's and all the elcletic stuff I come across. So the plan going forward will be at least a 1:1 release of a video on each channel daily. 

So will be announcing this all in a channel update tomorrow, hopefully along with a reworked channel trailer in the next day or two to go with the new format. 

Youtube Videos

Sadly didn't have a real Christmas day stream with mediacom(internet service) having a case of bad upload speed and also today a little bit but this evening seems to have cleared up a bit so hopefully tomorrow stream will be smooth again. 

Hope everyone has a great night!