POST MEET: How NOT To Network (In The Film Biz)
How do you get through to someone on a cold call? Here are six things not to do and five suggestion on how to succeed.  

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This episode was inspired by this email: 

 "I stumbled onto your Epic Editing Challenge on August 22nd and I only spent a few hours that day messing with it (see attached picture). I intended to go WAYYYY off script because I really didn't feel any romance or comedy at all from the footage provided. I imagined going very dark, almost horror genre with that style of sound design, but moments for comedic relief. I didn't get far into it, but I know my edit is way different than what's been uploaded to COLLECTIVE so I thought I'd email you mine incase you might enjoy it. I missed the editing deadline (I didn't have a huge desire to actually submit) but I just returned from a Labor Day trip, remembered about this competition and felt like you might be getting sick of seeing a bunch of the same edits. If you watch it, I would love to know what you think! Or even persuade me to finish what I started!  Best, ?????????"

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