Post PAX & The Rest of April
Hey Squatters~

Had the chance to work at the Inti Creates booth this past weekend which, not only allowed me to rub elbows with some folks and see some old friends, but also got me a minor case of bronchitis.

Syncope is busy doing some job interviewing this week, and recovering from PAX between work and things on the stream has us a bit behind. We'll have a Retro-Spective released early for next week and we'll be looking into some better incentives for you all. Possibly some patron only Retro-Spectives?

Tl;dr I'd like to make this whole Patreon thing worthwhile for you all, more so. Early access is nice and I hope it has been something you've been enjoying, but I feel there is more we could do here to incentivize donations and the like. Support is great but if you aren't getting anything out of it then what's the point?

We'll hopefully have some more details soon in how we're going to make this platform worth your time and hard-earned money. Exclusives, early releases, contest entries; we'll do our best to see this not only help GA1C grow, but reward you all in the process.

Thanks for being so patient and for your astounding support.

- Dan & the GA1C Staff