Post-Surgery Cupid and the Cone of Shame
Cupid is recovering nicely. We brought him home last night, and he spent a rather miserable night wearing the Cone of Shame. We took the cone off - with the doctor's okay - this morning, so long as we can keep him within arm's reach. He spent an hour cleaning himself afterward, and has started to eat, drink and eliminate in very small doses.

By late afternoon, he was very much like his usual self... sometimes a little too much like it, and we needed to keep from from jumping up on to and down off of stuff! He's on good pain meds, and although the recovery is estimated to take about ten days, barring complications, he's off to a good start. This afternoon, Sandi bought him a small, inflatable ruff to wear in place of the Cone of Shame; hopefully, he'll sleep better tonight and we won't need to worry about him reopening his sutures.

Again, thank you, everyone. The medical bills have so far run just under a grand, so we are VERY grateful to everyone who's been helping us out.

Hugs to all. <3