Links, Shedule, Global plans

Public Version - here

"LS -0.148 - Miss Valentine (1st week: Friday). Changelog - here 

  • Adept ($25) - here 
  • Senior apprentice ($15) - here 
  • Apprentice ($11) - here 
  • Сandidate ($6) -  here 
  • Virgin Soul ($3) -  here 

Schedule :

Beginning of July -LS v0.15-  Miss Valentine (1st week: Finish)  + Maria change

LS v0.155 -  Mika - ???

Global plans:

At the moment, the game only has a skeleton, and I'm building new elements and content on it like a muscle. Initially, it's not a very good strategy, because you might get the impression that the game consists of different elements not connected to each other. Unfortunately, it's too late to change the strategy. But I can make some adjustments to make it clear to you what to expect from the game in the near future. And here is my plan, one by one:

At the current time. I'm filling the first game week with content. Meeting girls, new mechanics, and so on.

Next step. Polishing the first week. Now I'm just adding content, and I can omit a point where it conflicts with each other. Also, the game looks a little overloaded with mechanics. So it's all going to have to be fixed.

Main part. Second game week. This is where the main part of the characters' routes are. So if you wait, for example, Jessy's romantic route. It will be here. 

Final part: Polishing full game.

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