A Postcard for Your Thoughts?

The first bunch of cards have arrived, and I'm mighty pleased. Catprint did a great job with them... Sturdy with a bright print on the front, these postcards will mail well. A few more designs will be done, for sure, with a few tweaks made with the size of the lettering on the back.

I have fond memories of both sending and receiving postcards, way back before the internet. Make no mistake though, I LOVE the internet and the fact that I can interact immediately with people (as long as they have the internet too, which most people do, but not all). As a companion to that, in this modern time, postcards still have a place, as do letters.

This weekend (and next as well) I'll be at the Bromont International Horse Show. Right in my town, this is a show that brings riders from down the road, across the Canadian/American border, and across the ocean, and is great fun to see. There are still one or two people I run into at this show that I used to work with, way back in my horse days! Not so many now, but a few none the less.

So I should have sketches from that, at on point, and will also continue my travel sketches. Until then, have a great weekend!

(oh yes, and I'll get to doing that video... :-p )

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