Postcard from Berlin
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Hello, friends,

I will be in Berlin for the International Literature Festival in September and would love to send you a postcard from this awesome city and birthplace of Heroes (god, I miss David Bowie). 

Subscribe to my Patreon site before 6 pm GMT on Sunday, 11th September (2016) and you will receive an actual, physical postcard sent from Berlin, and posted to wherever and whomsoever you want. 

How it works: Opt-in to the $3 reward or higher on the right (or below if you're reading this on mobile), then message me with the name and address of the person you want to receive the postcard, and I will see to the rest.


Jenny x

P.S.  Here's a short but fascinating insight into David Bowie's time in Berlin by writer Rory MacLean. 

P.P.S. some ideas on how you could use the postcard:

  • to send a surprise proposal to your best girl/man
  • to say hi to someone you're thinking about
  • to quit the band/job/deadbeat friend
  • to send home