Postcard reward for the upcoming year!
Here are the images I plan to print as postcards for the first annual reward for my patrons who choose this alternative.

I decided to go for a summary of the last three years of education, so here are five different areas that I have been studying. The cast drawing I made with charcoal on paper during my first year. The portrait I made with charcoal and white chalk on a handcoloured paper during my second year. The figure, still life and landscape paintings are my so far most recent ones, made in oil on canvas.

You who have chosen the five pack of postcards will get one of each of these, and you who have chosen the ten pack will get two of each. The still life is in the size 15x21 cm, and the others are 10x15 cm. And, according to my first fulfilled goal, these postcards will be exclusive for you only!

I will be sending out the first packages as soon as I get back from Florence in the beginning of August - and everyone who chooses this reward for their pledge until the end of June 2016 will be getting this package after one year of pledging.

If you are not yet my patron, but would like to be, check out my presentation page for more info, or send me a private message and I will help you out!