Postcards for June
Dear all,

        Postcards for May were mailed several days ago, consisting of portraits of interesting currency. This month, I have started making drawings using pencil. It's a little difficult, as the material of the back of the postcards has no tooth. This makes application smooth, but limits fine shading.

        I have also removed from the list of goals the first Patreon goal that I initially set when starting this campaign, that of creating books. This was set back when I had much more free time, and as things are now, I no longer have the time to do this. I was at least happy to produce the Secretary Addendum under it. This goal should have been disabled when I started working. It will return if I am able to work on NofNA full-time again.

        Speaking of my new job, I enjoy it much more than my old one. I hope that you are well, too.

Kind regards,


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