Posting resuming
Hey guys, been back at it, got 25 pages sketched and ready to ink, also tonight I posted 4 new pages, 3 for an extension of the beginning of the comic and the new pg 84 ( pg 81 before the extension). Go check them out. I also am not charging for these new pages, I will however start charging once again for page 85 which is already being inked! It feels good to be back at it. I have a clear picture of the rest of the comic, so it will be an easier run t the finish line. Also I have decided to make the individual chapters into their own shorter comic books with concept art and other goodies in them for people who buy the actual comic. My patrons that have been supporting the comic for awhile now, will of course get the comics for free when I get them printed. Time to get back at it! Thank again for your support!