Postmodern Woman Week Ending 12/07/15 Wow, another week down! Some lovely, awesome dissections of modern cultural norms. First, I pointed out the fact that our present-day ability to complain about privilege is itself a form of privilege. In "Want to Know Why Privilege Doesn't Matter?" I remind everyone of the history of the human race. While it's a wonderful thing that we can define ourselves with ever more accurate labels and can carve out special spaces, we must be careful not to let it descend into separating us further. It's all too easy to get caught up in trying to be heard and pointing out the trials we suffer, but as long as our groups are pitted against one another it's too simple to forget what we have in common. At the end of the day it is freedom for everyone that we are striving towards. Calling out one privilege or another misses the larger picture and often leads to debates over who's more oppressed or more privileged. Progress is made bit by bit as each marginalized group makes a bid for acceptance by the more privileged group. If we are to enlarge the world and the choices we can make then we must focus on humanizing and freeing one another, regardless of perceived privilege or disadvantage. The only way forward is with all of us free to be who we are. Louisa also shook things up with "Being An Introvert in a Society That Demands Your Attention". For people like us, who lose energy with each social interaction, the rush of modern day distractions and the massive influx of competing information drains us fairly quickly. In a world thriving on rapidly-updating exchanges it can be hard to find a moment to breathe or be. For introverts that need to regularly recharge, this behavior is often seen as being unacceptable. We're supposed to be on, open, and willing at all times. We're seen as rude if we don't have the energy to respond to every blithe inquiry. We seem downright weird if we also have social anxiety. It's a bit of the same from the Privilege article. In some ways, it's not okay to be different from the mainstream. If you fit into some other group it has to be seen as lesser or not normal. With all of these new boxes we've created we have in some ways created more ways to trap people into what we think they should be. But Louisa will teach her daughter that it's okay to be herself. She'll teach that people may expect one thing or another but that being true to herself is a valid and wholesome choice. Because if each of us isn't safe being ourselves then what's the point of being an individual? The world is big enough for all of us to maintain our boundaries and be comfortable. And that shouldn't be left up to other people to decide. Enjoy being you. Live and let live! Michon and Louisa
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