Postmodern Woman Week Ending 19/07/15 We had an explosive week with four fantastic posts going up! First, you got to hear more than you wanted about my health, my surgeries, and my body in "Why is My Broken Body Worthy of Delighting In?". Yet as much as it's been used, cut into, and damaged I am still able to revel in and worship in. In a society that especially says that bodies of my color and that have gone through what I've been through can't be beautiful or worthy, I gave the proverbial finger and loved my body anyway. If you're wondering how the surgery went, it went very, very well and I'm healing at that eerily record-fast pace. In "Riding the Tide of Life" Louisa outlines life on the edge when your relationship with a lover is made up as you go along. The choice to leave is ever-present and when your lover changes his mind from day to day it can be hard to find some source of security or to worry about commitment. Yet the ride is exhilarating and wonderful for the ways that you are able to appreciate it for what it is and in the moment. The bond has its own unique rhythm and flow and to let go and follow the ebb and flow leads to fascinating discoveries that would otherwise be hidden away. Speaking of conscious relationships, I discuss the dangers of romantic dating culture and praise the beauties of friendship in "This is Why I Love the Friendzone". For aromantic, asexual, and demisexual people friendship can be the utmost for fulfilling our intimate, sensual, and emotional needs. The pressures and misunderstandings around our identities and around sex can often mean that we are subjected to romantic-sexual expectations and whims. So many people lament friendship because for many people it is merely a form of temporary, fleeting, and shallow acquaintanceship. Learn about the upsides and depth of relationships that place friendship first, whether they are sexual or not. Lastly, "How to Lose Your Relationship in One Easy Step" the anonymous author highlights the insidious nature of violating your own self for the sake of another. The author pushed themselves to be physically intimate even when they knew they didn't want it. And when they finally told their partner about it, he knew that they had to break up. The author had violated their integrity and had betrayed him but not being upfront and honest about their desires. That precious thing that makes a relationship-trust-was forever lost between them. In a world where we're still pressured to try to make things work even when we're incompatible, one person shares the dark truth about what it can really mean. But don't fret. It'll be ok. If you're one of our fantastic patrons we have now provided you access to our wonderful collection of books. So go ahead and select five, or request five and we'll send them your way. With heartfelt thanks and the hope that you are here with us willingly, Michon and Louisa
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