Postmodern Woman Week Ending 09/08/2015

My sincere apologies for the late update. This weekend and week have seen a rather mean and ugly recurrence of my abscess and I've been a bit high on the medication they gave me. Not to mention my family is being kicked out in two weeks without a chance. Sigh.

But in other news, I've still been managing to plug away. Last week featured three articles:

"Want to Know What the Best Burden Is?" announces the happy news of a reunited family, though if we can't find a way to stand on our own in the next two weeks we won't remain that way. My boy and partner are happy to see me but it is bittersweet with the specter of being separated again so soon looming over us. It was supposed to be a permanent move but alas, I found out I'm not a priority in the worst of ways. My partner and I are busting our asses to keep us together. I'll keep you updated on that. Wish me luck (though I don't believe in it, I need something, damnit!).

Anyway, in the article "With a Plethora of Valuable Firsts, What Really Matters?" I examine the ways that firsts are idealized and idolized in my culture and how in polyamorous relationships it really makes no sense. There are poly people who do maintain the automatic elevation of firsts but in my own life it's never been the case. So I share my experiences contrasted with my partner's experiences.

Lastly, I posted "Why Never Getting Comfortable Is Amazing". Obviously, my present dire situation speaks to that as well. Never in my life have I been able to settle down, relax, and not have to worry or work. It's always been one thing after or right on top of another. I might seem a workaholic, cold, or just generally an "on" person to others. But never being comfortable allows me to adapt easier, to let things be, and to treasure everything. I can deal more quickly with the natural changes of life because there is no such thing as true stability.

All in all, the message is to reexamine what you've taken for granted, to delight in the treasures you have, and to roll with life. Forrest Gump was pretty accurate with his statement about chocolates. I've long known it. And I'm rolling with it.

Thank you for standing with us. We appreciate your support.

Michon and Louisa

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