Postmodern Woman Week Ending 06/09/15

I apologize for posting this so late in the week, darlings. It's been...interesting... And I have some super huge news that I cannot share yet. But trust that I'll still be delivering you fantastic content and updating this Patreon. Deep, super excited breath...

So I'm going to to go through this week's posts rather briefly since there are so many (the same will go for the following week's posts. Next week I may post less. But I don't think I will).

First, in "Why Everything You Know About Equality is Wrong" I actually define equality and go on to explain the ways in which trying to make humans equal actually ends up erasing individuality and making us all more unequal. Basically, the fight for equality often results in more dastardly inequalities. What we should be focusing on is justice, which is treating each problem specifically and uniquely.

If equality doesn't work in poly, it's not going to work in general!

Next, in "How to Empower Next Generation Media" I again lament the lack of diversity in media. I literally nearly died for the lack of diversity in media. Seriously: the math shows that trans queer people of color are the most likely to commit suicide (as well as be murdered/end up homeless/suffer from societally-induced mental illness, etc). So being able to be accurately represented in the wider world is of utmost importance.

In "6 Reasons Lilith is Absolutely My Hero" I go a little deeper into why her existence is so important and vital to me. She was my possibility model and she saved my life. It behooves me to tell her story (our story) from her point of view, which I'm going to do in The Cuil Effect Project.

Finally, in "You Need to Know Why Polyamory Isn't Safe" I blast away the mythical notion that polyamorous people haven't experienced discrimination or hardship over their relationship orientation. Basically, if you're anything other than a white man, things aren't so rosy. Abuse, racism, ablism, and hetero-amatonormativity are rampant in the poly community, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. And for some of us, especially queer and colored people or those who live in other countries, our non-monogamy can get us killed.

Cheery stuff, eh? Louisa and I are far from finished. Please continue to join and support us as we break veneered narratives and push for a more consensual world.

Thank you so much!

Michon & Louisa