POSTmortem: May 2018 (New Shows, T-Shirt Winners)
Hey POSTmarks,

Wai Ting here with our month-in-review for patrons, the newly-christened "POSTmortem" (thanks Brother Nate).

The conclusion of Mania season hasn’t appeared to slow anything down as May saw us release 20 podcasts (28 total including our POST Network shows) along with John’s comprehensive daily news updates, stories and show reports at

This month we introduced our first Marvel Cinematic Universe review featuring Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Due to your very positive feedback, John and I have decided to review several MCU titles over the course of the year leading up to the release of Avengers 4 in May 2019. Our next MCU review will be released on Friday June 15th discussing my favourite of the series, Captain America: Civil War.

Also, for weeks where Rewind-A-Raw and Rewind-A-SmackDown simply aren’t enough, we’ve begun releasing RAR/RASD Overrun bonus podcasts exclusively for our patrons. This is where you’ll find our Total Bellas Season 3 reviews each week.

We’re very proud to announce that beginning Saturday June 23rd, POST Wrestling will be the home of Chris Charlton’s EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion. For those of you unaware, Chris (author of Lion’s Pride, former host of Japanese Audio Wrestling) is set to release his second book, EGGSHELLS: Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome that will chronicle every wrestling event that has taken place inside one of the sport’s most famous venues.

These podcasts will feature a different guest each week joining Chris to discuss a specific year in the Tokyo Dome’s wrestling history, spotlighting every show from 1989’s NJPW Battle Satellite to 2018’s WrestleKingdom 12. These shows will add tremendous value to readers of Chris’ book and will also serve as great history lessons for those looking to increase their Japanese wrestling knowledge. 

The show will be free and released every Saturday on the flagship POST Wrestling feed beginning Saturday June 23rd.

I want to take some time to acknowledge Brian Mann, Nate Milton, Martin Bushby, Benno, Oli Court, Braden Herrington and Davie Portman for the incredible quality of output they put into each edition of our POST Network programs:

Keep It 2000: The social experiment continues as Brian, Nate and a rotating lineup of guests continue to endure WCW’s final complete year. They’ve just made it past July 2000 and the seminal Russo masterpiece, The Viagra on a Pole Match. The show is an excellent binge-listen so catch up on all 31 episodes of the Satellite of Hate’s orbit by subscribing to their feed.

British Wrestling Experience continues to be one of the most informative and satisfying one-hour podcasts I listen to. Beyond comprehensive coverage of events in the UK/European scene, the show provides excellent background info for many top prospects in the global indies. With so many of you wanting a break from the WWE at this time of year, Martin, Oli and Benno are your perfect guides for promotions such as PROGRESS, RevPro and OTT.

upNXT: With the completion of their first month as lawfully wedded host and co-host, Braden and Davie have showcased a chemistry that makes you feel like you’re chatting NXT with friends after a night out singing bad karaoke. Braden's new co-host Davie Portman brings an incredible knowledge of professional wrestling into each dissection of NXT. I’m told these two are both scheduling time off from bartending in order to deliver their NXT TakeOver: Chicago Post-Show on June 16th, so show your appreciation by giving them a subscribe.

You can subscribe to each of these shows on their individual feeds at

A huge thank you to all of you who sent us photos or messages after receiving your POST Office Care Packages in May. It’s very rewarding to see our pins, stickers and SCOTT PUTSKI AWARDS travel to so many parts of the world. If you were part of the April group and still haven't received yours yet, send us a message and I’ll help you get sorted. 

Those of you who’ve reached your 4-month threshold in May should be receiving your packages within the next few weeks. Those who are qualifying in June will receive a message from me shortly.

Double Double+ ($12 and up) patrons will have noticed that we’ve been tinkering with a new format for our weekly POST Production videos. With many of our behind-the-scenes business affairs beginning to settle, John and I have decided to use our video time to provide longer conversations about relevant wrestling news topics. Our first few vids in this new format have offered 20+min video discussions on WWE and UFC’s new TV rights deals, a story that is proving to be the biggest of 2018. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Double Double+ patrons also have access to all of our bonus video content, including the video version of this Sunday's upcoming POST Roundtable featuring Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller’s Mauro Ranallo and Haris Usanovic.

Finally… I’m very happy to announce the first winners of our POST Wrestling T-shirt Giveaways. In case you missed last month’s update, we will be giving out 4 shirts each month via random draw at two levels.

This month’s winners of our $6 draw

  • Michael Luke from Newcastle, England
  • Mike Beveridge from Scarborough, Ontario

This month’s winners of our $12+ draw

  • Brent Tapper from Porter, Indiana
  • Stephen Perry from Toronto, Ontario

Congrats! Check your inboxes for a message from me. I should note that I drew SEVERAL other names that were ineligible due to missing shipping addresses, so make sure you go to to add your address before next month’s draw.

With Money In The Bank, TakeOver, CM Punk’s return to the UFC and NJPW Dominion, June will be a busy one... but mainly for John as I will be taking a vacation to the Pacific Northwest starting next week. We’re pre-recording several shows to be released while I’m away (will return for MITB), but John will be joined by several of our friends to cover Raw, SmackDown and NJPW Dominion.

As always, thanks for being a patron of the POST Wrestling Café.

Wai Ting & John Pollock