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It's my hope to provide my supporters with all sorts of content, making this Patreon the most enjoyable, inspiring and informative Muay Thai site on the internet. Not only are you supporting me as a fighter and a writer, but also a journalist attempting to change what is possible in the sport. By sharing unique perspectives and hard to find information, the entire Muay Thai Community becomes enriched; and as the heritage of Thailand's Muay Thai is celebrated in a meaningful way, its longevity is insured. 

Knowledge First

One of my enduring passions, from the start, has been to share true Muay Thai techniques. As someone who trained more or less alone for a long time, there was a real need (and hunger) for authentic techniques. This is partly why I began the Muay Thai Library documentary project, so that people all over the world can come in touch with the brilliance and nobility of Thailand's techniques, directly from the legendary fighters who currently carry them. You can see a full table of contents of the Muay Thai Library Preserve The Legacy project here. With over 36 hours of commentary footage (and a hoped for eventual 100 hours), this is becoming the most exhaustive and detailed record of Thailand's great fighters & teachers, and their techniques.

 TABLE of CONTENTS: Muay Thai Library   

In addition to this knowledge base, becoming my supporter gives you inside access to my experiences as a female fighter with over 200 fights. Exclusive patron-only articles and features that may enrich and empower you as a lover of Muay Thai. Below is a regularly updated table of contents for these.

$1 Supporters - the suggested pledge is $5, but even at $1 there are a lot of benefits and features. You not only are able to study the 5 most recent Muay Thai Library sessions, you get the following:

ARTICLES - Patreon Magazine

  • Patron Only Articles - These articles are written specially for my patrons and are my attempts to expand as a writer. They are full of richer descriptions, and take on themes not always talked about in the experience of being a fighter. At least one is published a month, if not two.

The Perfection of Festival Fights in Thailand | A trip to the clinic to receive a boosting IV leaves me drifting through thoughts of belonging, as I listen to my kru talk about me to the nurse. read it here 

Cheet Yaa - "if there were no cuts it wouldn't be Sylvie" | A trip to the clinic to receive a boosting IV leaves me drifting through thoughts of belonging, as I listen to my kru talk about me to the nurse. read it here 

The Hurting Game - The Psychology of Hurt | Even though I've fought over 200 times being the one who hurts others, that the game is hurting, is still a psychology I need to embrace. read it here 

A Girl and Her Bag - the Intimacy of Work | Every fighter who has spent a long amount of time in the gym has to fall in love with their bag - how bagwork contains its own beauty. read it here 

Jai Rohn - My Story of Blood, My Pride and Stitches | My heart was racing, I was upset at my performance, and then there was the pain of stitches, more painful than any stitches I've had before. read it here 


  • Full Fight Videos with Audio Commentary - I've posted video of every single one of my 200+ fights, and each is live streamed on my Facebook Page, but many readers and fans have come to love watching these fight videos with my commentary - you can watch an example here.  These commentaries not only share the fight experience, but everything going on around the fight, putting you there in the moment fighting in Thailand. In them I talk about the tactics I'm using and corrections I'm attempting to make, so you can see the "work in progress", much of that work flowing from my work in the Library. I've now made all new commentary videos exclusive for patron supporters. Below is a list of those published so far.

Fight 175 vs Yodying Sor. Sumalee  - vs a fighter I had fought many, many times in my early days in Chiang Mai. Kind of a benchmark fight for me watch it here  

Fight 174 vs Nong Mat Huasarayiam  - vs a strong clinch-fighting Isaan opponent, beautiful festival fight watch it here 

Fight 173 vs Zaza Sor. Aree - vs a former world champ, many kilos larger watch it here 

$5 Supporters - $5 is the suggested pledge. It includes all the content above, plus the 15 most recent Muay Thai Library project sessions with legends. It goes a long way towards supporting my fighting as I travel across Thailand, sharing the experience as I go through writing.  


  • Muay Thai Burnouts - these are burnouts designed to push real Thai techniques into powerful 10 minute burns, so that if you are pressed for time you can still reach new levels in your Muay Thai, or so you can make your current workouts even more productive and harder. Conditioning and technique in one.

Sylvie's 10 Minute Elbow Burnout #1 - this burnout is about letting loose with your elbows, creating flow by making use of fatigue watch it here 

Sylvie's 10 Minute Block Burnout #1 - this burnout is focused on increasing your block speed, so you can power through fatigue and still get your blocks up watch it here 

$10 Supporters - $10 patrons not only get full access to over 36 hours of Muay Thai Library sessions, the entire archive - see a full table of contents of the Library here -  they are significantly supporting that documentary project, making it happen. This archive I believe is historic work that will affect generations of practitioners. It is important to preserve these techniques and the men that teach them (and fought with them), as Muay Thai is changing - it is a living art.


  • Prospectively Coming Soon: Mental Training Reading Group - open to $10 subscribers, I'm looking into running a live video chat weekly reading group on the book The Inner Game of Tennis. read about it here 
  •  Prospectively Coming Soon: Interviews with Legends. My Thai has finally gotten to the point where I can capably interview the Muay Thai legends I train with. I'm looking into the feasibility of hiring a professional Thai to English translator to produce an interview record of these men.

$15 Supporters - $15 patrons are super supporters, and I cannot thank you enough. You are making everything I'm doing possible with a generous pledge and I'll do my best to make the most of your support. Fighting, traveling, filming, training: it all comes from you, my patrons. 


  • Broken Husk, Healed Heart Documentary - my husband has started filming a documentary of me as a fighter, and is going to be posting all the raw footage of the film as he captures it, just for my supporters at $15 or more. Below is what is already published:

Broken Tusk, Healed Heart - Raw Material 1 - an interview with my brother Shane, who happens to be a professor of Philosophy, and some brief fight venue outtake moments watch it here

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You can also easily browse through all my Patreon content using convenient filters. Just go to the post tab on the homepage.  Every tag containing "MTL" is a Muay Thai Library session. You can filter sessions of only a certain kind. Also my articles, and fight videos can be found this way too.

In all, thank you very much to everyone supporting me, and those considering offering support as well. I'm also very open to suggestions about creative content I can do. My plate is super full with everything I'm writing and filming for you guys, and my full-time training and fighting, but I'm always open to ideas.