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Okay, so come this December I'll be graduating college at long last. As such, I really want to start doing Youtube fulltime with one upload every day and being consistent too. 

There's a lot of things I'm juggling, from little side things to big projects that have a lot of work put into them. This is also serving the purpose to increase exposure to the channel, but no matter what, my primary focus will always be Let's Plays. 

What exactly do I have in mind? Well, this has been going all over the place in the last few months. Now that the technology and inspiration are there, here's what I want to do.

Mod showcases, countdowns, ROM hack playthroughs, trailer analysis vids, Newgrounds fan games, terrible hentai games, and other miscellaneous games.

The mod showcases, I just thought of a few hours ago. There are huge channels that do nothing but post really low-effort mod videos and ultimate move compilations (Wajinshu, PS360HD2, occasionally DBZanto), so I want to capitalize on the demand. Not gonna lie, they're low effort for high return, but this one is strictly business (though I can have fun with the editing and creativity).

There's actually already a countdown in the works and one other I'm brainstorming... well, that second one DID have a script written up, but it needs work. I won't say what either countdown is, but I aim to have one done in the coming weeks. Dude, you ever see WatchMojo, Whatculture, or Joshscorcher? There's an unbelievably huge demand for countdowns. Hell, even Omega2040 still reaps the rewards of his older countdowns.

Trailer analysis vids kinda speak for themselves. It's similar to what Avoiding the Puddle does where Aris plays a video back in real-time giving commentary on it. Youtube has also included a slow-mo playback feature, allowing further analysis. However, there's a lot of these I'd like to do, so these might all be through OBS with no editing, unless the screen gets messed up.

Yeah, I intend to do ROM hacks at some point. There's a modded Pokemon game where you play as DBZ characters. Tell me that isn't the weirdest thing! Those are also things I could get decent returns that I could enjoy in creating.

There's been a lot of terrible Newgrounds fangames for any series I do over the years that just demand to be riffed on. Absolutely! Count me in!

I did that one Hentai Tales game, and that got a lot of laughs from my friends and got a ton of views on the first day. Let's just say right now I'm looking into Sakura Spirit and that entire franchise for fun & pleasure. Though you shouldn't be touching yourself to my voice. Unless you like it. I don't even like my voice that much.

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