Potential new software...?
Hello, everybody. This is a public post to show a little test I did on a trial software.

I've been researching on new drawing software for my comics. I'm currently using a mix of Paint Tool SAI for general drawing and PhotoShop for framing and speech bubbles, and while it seems to do the job just fine, I'm looking for new tools for the job.

I'm currently looking at two great candidates that seem to work well with my digital tablet: MediBang Paint Pro and Clip Studio.

MediBang seems like a nice drawing software, and it has many interesting tools that I could take advantage on; especially the Perspective Point tools. However, despite its many benefits, it seems to work a little bit wonky with my potato with wires. I mentioned in a recent Private post that I am also looking to replace my current PC with a more powerful one, so that little issue should be solved by then.

Clip Studio, however, gave me a whole new perspective on my drawings. It's a paid software but it's currently on sale, so I decided to download the trial and see what's up. And oh my... Look at this...

That's a manga-style page I doodled in matter of minutes (also, that's Suckstobe from "SuccuBusted!"; this may or may not be canon). Clip Studio has special tools to make drawing panels and speech bubbles SO much easier.

I've also tested the coloring options and, for a first attempt, it looks kinda nifty:

Performance-wise it seems to run a little bit better than MediBang. It does lack a few features, like the Perspective Point (or maybe I didn't notice? I just dabbled on it), but overall I loved just how responsive and intuitive it felt.

As I said, Clip Studio is currently on sale, so I'm very, very tempted on purchasing it. I don't think I'll switch software for Wilfreda or even Bits & Bytes... but I would be more than willing to give it a try with a new project... like, for instance, SuccuBusted!.

Do you like what you see? Do you find the format interesting? Is it worth a risk? Let me know with a comment! Also, if you can't see the images properly, try taking a look here: http://imgur.com/a/Z1phm 

(Megawacky Max)