Potential set backs
hey everyone, just wanted to post this little update and let you know what's going on.

this past week has set me back in terms of getting more content out and pages done, due to some issues in my personal life and with my mental health. i'm not doing so well, but it's nothing i can't manage. however, it has put quite a dent in the time i need to dedicate to making this comic a reality, so this week i'm playing catch up.

depending on how things go, i may have to set page releases at once every other week following may 13th, instead of once a week. i'm still determined to have the first 4 pages available for public view, plus an additional 5th page for patrons, on launch date,  so that hasn't changed.

the completed reference sheets will be released as i'm able to finish them - i originally wanted all of them done before launch date, but i'm not sure that will happen. i'm playing it by ear at the moment.

you guys WILL have a promo piece or two this month tho, that's also something that hasn't changed.

but yes. that's all, i just wanted to let you guys know there's been some stuff going on and how that affects the comic and the content you'll be getting. don't worry, i promise i'm alright, i just.. might need to spread content out a bit more than i originally wanted.

and as always, thanks so much for reading, and for your support <3