Potter And Daughter Podcast is SOOOO CLOSE!
Dear Fancy Patrons, we are dangerously close to the next milestone goal ($1750), at which point I will start releasing the Harry Potter podcast I've been recording with my daughter. It's called "Potter And Daughter" and in it we go through the Harry Potter book series chapter by chapter. I prompt her and ask her questions and get her to tell the story from her perspective. Basically it's a Cliff's notes audiobook version of all 7 Harry Potter books as told by a grown man and a seven year old who both love the same books. If you want to up your pledge to get us closer to the release goal, you (and all of the Fancy Patrons) will be starting out with 2 episodes, and continue to get episodes a week before everyone else. Right now we are averaging 3-4 episodes per book, so the podcast will probably last well into the fall. It's a really fun project and I can't wait to share it with you.