With the second zine I wanted to open it up a little more beyond my own drawings. I'd just had a successful year of exhibitions and I was in a good place creatively, feeling that I could draw anything and it would come out how I wanted! You don't alway feel that cocky. Often you think you've lost it, or you're losing it. Or you never had it. So I stumbled across a musician on another app and I realised how the zine itself was kind of a product of app culture; Tumblr, Scruff, Instagram etc... I loved the guy's rapping so I set up an interview and drew him from his youtube videos, pausing them at interesting moments, to accompany the interview. Now that I'd established a burgeoning audience, I felt I should take the zine seriously as a piece of art and I limited the edition to 200, so that it was something special that would never be reproduced, like a painting or a sculpture. The new cover kind of reflected how I was feeling after a good, busy, productive and rewarding summer. I felt like the sun was shining on me for the first time in a long time. 24 saddle-stitched pages of portraits of fury-faced men, full colour, tactile matt silk finish. Strictly limited edition of 200, numbered, dated, initialled by artist.
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