Power Chord: Kill

This one has been percolating for a while. It's a labor of love, and I'm definitely interested in community feedback!

The College of Metal is for bards who live fast, die hard, and want to be the art for a Manowar album without rolling a barbarian.

And Bardic Songs are my attempt to bring back the feel of 3.5 bards.

1.1.1 - Feb. 25, 2019 -  Toned down the power level of the College of Metal by a lot, and swapped some names around for thematic purposes. Those who prefer the old version will find it lives on in the 1.0.0 pdf, which will remain up. 

The Heroic Tragedy bardic song now calls for the bard to make a d20 roll + charisma, rather than a performance check. The spell was over-performing in real sessions in ways that it did not during testing.  A handful of typos have been corrected

The Thaumaturgy cantrip and other ways of supernaturally extending the range at which creatures hear the bard will not make bardic songs act as, and I quote, “a howitzer boombox of death.” While this cantrip allows the bard to use an action to make their voice three times as loud and potentially bypass barriers that might cut creatures off from hearing their songs, the range of the spells remains 60 feet, no matter how many people can hear it a mile away.