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The Power of Archetypes
Great new show that will assist in finding your spiritual freedom, as it did with CG Jung and so many other Truthseeker Warriors. You can also listen to it directly here: The Ancient Gnostics and many Platonic movements contended that there existed static, primordial images beyond reality that were the font of all truth. If an individual could access and understand archetypes, it would result in an expansion in consciousness, as well as a divine recollection. We mine the concept of archetypes in order to unleash the providence of the collective unconscious. We understand and access the hidden secrets of such Gnostic archetypes as Lucifer, Sophia, the Demiurge, and the Christ. From Pythagoras to CG Jung, from the Illuminati to Philip K. Dick, we take a journey through these eternal images and into your personal liberation. Astral Guest-- Brent Paris, author of Corpus Gnostica.
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