Power (or Team Ability) to the People, April 2017
With the 2017 rules coming up in a few months, it's risky for me to create videos about just any power, but there are some that seem to be pretty much set. Which one of these would you like me to prioritize this month?

Also in April:

- I'll be reviewing the Mercs for Money Fast Forces with new players in mind.

- There might be an unboxing of the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 gravity feed... not sure yet. Too many projected doubles and triples for me to open a box on my own. I'll try and find a partner Sunday; going halfsies is pretty much the only way here. 

This poll is open to all, but only patrons who pledged 4$+/month are "counting votes". This let's me see the appetite for each of the topics while allowing the "Power (or TA) to the People!"-patrons determine the priority. Let me know how you like this formula.

Yours truly,

The Tabletop Teacher  

Probability Control

Precision Strike

Super Strength

Hydra Team Ability (I hope you pick this one ;o)

2 votes total