Practical Magick Lesson 1
What is Magick?

Magick is energy. Magick is a formula or system that uses will to transform energy.

Magick can be called quantum physics = quantum possibilities. You can not look around you without seeing energy in it's various forms. Magick is the ability to work with the natural laws and energy to achieve a desired outcome.

Magick is the blending of spirituality and for lack of a better term "science" . Spirituality come into play when you tap into your inner being to achieve will, desire, belief, and power. You then focus on bringing those together with "science" which equal natural laws and energy. The combination creates Magick.

This is my definition of magick. There are others and for the diligent student it would serve you well to check out the varied definitions of magick. In studying Magick and Metaphysics with me you will be challenged to make sure that what  is written resonate with your inner being. Magick is not a religion it is instead a way of life that can be applied to your daily existence.