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The Prayer Hill of the Orun
I felt like I had not done a straight up dungeon in a bit, so tonight while the girls watched some terrible girly television (I find myself watching less and less tv as the years pass), I drew up this quick dungeon. 

The Prayer Hill once belonged to a family of highly secretive blue mystics from across the Bognar Sea. They came from a strange land and bought many odd artifacts with them. The locals spoke of odd lights, strange voices, and things best not spoken of during the six generations they spent in this realm. It was said they wrote everything into tomes made from the stitched together skins of the squirrels and frogs they sacrificed, and these tomes guard the secret to the realm of the dead. 

As each matriarch passed, they expanded the burial chambers beneath their Prayer Hill. When the sixth died it is said they buried the body with innumerable number of magic artifacts and their mysterious tomes. When the last matriarch had been buried, the remaining family climbed the prayer hill one last time and set themselves alight...presumably to join their fallen leaders.

To date, the catacombs beneath the Hill lie unexplored, guarded by two massive white stones which block the entrance and seem impossible to move. 

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