Pre Edition II and Reward Updates

Hi everybody! We're quite pleased and humbled by the amount of support you have given us since the launch of Oh So Hero! Pre Edition. It's hard to express our gratitude with words, but at the very least, we want to say thank you!

Pre Edition II

Back in September, we hit our first goal of $2,500 which unlocked Oh So Hero v0.15. So now we're officially announcing this will be coming in the form of our next public release, Oh So Hero Pre Edition II, in January 2020! You can expect to see it near the end of the month of January. At that time, we'll be updating our page, Patreon, and other social media accounts. So follow us to stay in the loop!

Next, we want to address the omission of a certain poll-winning idea from our roadmap. As some of you know, Patreon has enacted policies banning erotic hypnosis and related kinks. Because of this, we've decided to put the Hypno Orb idea on hold indefinitely. It's a difficult decision, but as we recently mentioned, game development is not straightforward.

10 Dollar Reward Adjustments

As exciting as it’s been to take in all fan ideas, we do have to set some boundaries because otherwise the scope of the game will only get larger than we can keep up with.

Taking everything into consideration, we've decided to update our rewards; specifically the ideas ($10) and polls ($2). We want to focus on more specific, more personalized input from our supporters. This will include examples such as:

  • Deciding which species the next empty NPC slot will be.
  • Deciding on certain sex acts to be included next.
  • Naming certain items included in the game (and yes, there will be lots of items).

The topic of interest will likely change from month to month, so you'll wanna stay tuned to see what happens next!

Thanks again for all your support. ❤️ We couldn't do it without you! Ribbit~ 🐸

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