***Author's Pre-Notes: Welcome to Will-o! A story written by me, Akuji. I hope you come to enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. My goal is not simply to write this as a form of entertainment, but to allow you to connect with my characters in a way that people connect to others. I say this because it's my dream to change people's lives, give them a new perspective on life, and show them the importance of the bonds we form with each other. 

As a child, and even now, I loved books and was, am, considered a "weird" person. However whenever a teacher asked me for my review on a book all of the kids stood on edge to hear the end of it. It's my belief that when we read books we connect with a person in that book, become them, feel what they do, judge how they do, act as they do. Every person has this ability, some more honed than the rest, and has the potential to bring that character to life, further than just words on the page. I think this is why I was always good at reading to people, I simply just was the book in a sense. I was there, am there, when I read. 

With that thought and belief in mind I want you all to connect to my characters and learn as they do, feel as they do, think as they do.

By the end I'm sure you'll have a whole new mind-set.

I'll leave you with this final note: Good or Evil, which side will you choose in the end, and who determines who is one or the other? 

Please enjoy everyone,