Pre-Orders open on Monday
Sandra Writing: Greetings Patreon supporters. As promised, you get first access to the upcoming Schlock book pre-orders. Next Monday morning around 8am MST I will be posting direct links to the store items which will let you place your orders two days before those items are live to the public. This means you'll get first grab at sketched copies of Massively Parallel and sketched 2015 calendars. We're going to limit sketches on each of these items to 600 in order to save Howard's hand. We're also thrilled that this pre-order will include slipcases. We've re-printed the slipcase for books 1-5 and created a new slipcase for books 6-11. The slipcases will be available separately for people who already have the books and want a shiny box for them. I should note, due to the expected delivery date of the bulk shipment to us, we can not guarantee pre-Christmas deliver for international customers. We should be able to get the US orders out in time for Christmas. If you are outside the United States and were hoping for Christmas delivery, you can email [email protected] to discuss options with me. If you have any questions or concerns in advance of Monday, feel free to ask in the comments or to email [email protected]. Thank you for being our supporters. We can't thank you enough.
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