Pre-Production...Space Bunnies Valentine's Patch!

Super pumped... My friend Elizabeth Neronski's and my collective Space Bunnies is gearing up for Valentine's season...with buttons, cards and a fun patch! Here is a screenshot of our new Cupcake Patch we are releasing in time for V-Day and a look at the pre-production process. 

Our creations (this one designed by me:) ) are vectorized and brought to life digitally. When the design is OK'd by both of us (and reviewed by a couple trusted homies), we create a techpack.  A techpack is a document that shows the art to scale (usually) of the final product and references specific colors to be used in production.  It's like a recipe for the visual outcome of each project. The more clear, the more likely things will be made the way we intend them to be:)

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