Pre-Race Talk [Illustrative Art]
I shared the WIP shot of this art here as well as the original sketch in a WIP sketch dump post here.

Background Information: This is fan design art of Ryan Haywood of Achievement Hunter and Twitch streamer Ray Narvaez Jr. It is in reference to old GTA V Let's Plays on the Letsplay youtube channel/Achievement Hunter website although I do not draw them exactly like the avatars and instead take loose interpretation. The logo on the bike is Ray's Brown Crown Logo as a shout-out to his branding. 

This was pretty fun to work on. It's very rare that I get the chance to work on multiple vehicles in a single picture. I'm not knowledgeable about vehicles seeing as how I don't own one, so it's a challenge and a struggle for me to even attempt their designs. 

The mask's strap was inspired by the mask Ryan wore at the first Let's Play Live. I thought it looked interesting. Plus, I originally wanted to draw the usual pull over mask, but I also wanted it to only cover the top portion of his head. From the front, it usually looks cool. From 3/4ths view, it looked clunky. The strap version solved this spectacularly. 

For some reason, I like to change up the face paint every time I try to draw it. It's fun to designs skulls. The only bad thing about the face paint is that it always subdues the facial expression. 

I mentioned this in the sketch, but there was a background planned and sketched originally. I thought it looked too bland, and a background didn't add anything to the art either. Since it wasn't worth the effort, I scrapped it.