Preamble, 2001
The first album in which I had a dependable DAW platform.  
Around this time Dash Productions was getting started.  
We DJ'ed our first show with Dash at the Apollo in Athens.  We brought our desktops onstage and tag teamed live sessions.  
Some of the album was mastered at Cinepost, the Atlanta post house I used to work for.  

The track "Sunday Paper" was written on September 11.  We were driving home from Florida that morning and had no idea what happened, the streets were empty for eight hours and all the billboards and radio were incredibly cryptic.  When we got home and realized what happened, I called Damon and wrote that overnight.  There was a wave of sappy "pullin on yer heartstrings" country songs coming to capitalize on it, and I much prefer a, "let the fear wash over you" kind of approach.