Preface: The Artist's Manifesto
The roughly 3700 words of The Artist's Manifesto original document were written in May 2017 and outline my entire creative philosophy for life and work. It was through the writing of this manifesto and 130+ articles on that year, that I outlined the nature of what I have come to believe it means to be a creative, what we should stand for, our relationship with the world and the overall meaning and purpose of life from the creative's perspective. The contents of this book outline my understanding of the fundamental essence of that which is required in consciousness in order that you and I may create something meaningful, beautiful and everlasting.

This book is a bringing together of The Artist's Manifesto original document and the best of those 130+ related articles. The contents of this book are not simply cut and paste from the original. I have taken those articles and clarified their message so that they better fit the overall philosophy that The Artist's Manifesto represents.

Many shorter articles I had written in 2017, although not suitable for this book, have subsequently allowed me explore particular ideas further. I have expanded on these ideas and provided you with additional content not published anywhere before. It is fair to say that although this book is a compilation of previously published material, that material has been reviewed and improved by me personally and represents for me at least a brand new and more concise outlining of The Artist's Manifesto.

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