Preliminary Poll Results for Upcoming Core Concept Videos
I created a poll yesterday - available here, if you'd like to participate  - to get some input from my viewers, subscribers, and social media followers on a topic that is important to me.

What philosophers would they particularly like to see me discussing in upcoming Philosophy Core Concept videos?  (Here's the playlist of over 300  I've produced so far.)

We're less than a day in, but we already have over 70 responses!  

Immanuel Kant is clearly someone that people want to see more of.  He gets #1 so far for the question "If you had to pick just one of these thinkers for Greg to create Core Concept video content on, who would you select?"

He also makes the top 3 for the question "which of these thinkers would be your second choice?"  And he's currently #2 in the result for the question: "which of these thinkers do you have a strong interest in?" (a question allows respondents to select more than one philosopher).  I suspect that those results will hold steady, and he'll be someone I'll be creating videos on this summer.

It is interesting to see Marx get such a strong showing as well, #2 in the first question.  But he drops to #5 in the second, and #9 in the third.  

Then we have Plato, #3 (since Other doesn't really count) in the first question, #4 in the second, and #7 in the third.  Maybe in some respects a stronger result than Marx's?  Still though, pretty close. . . .

Friedrich Nietzsche presents an interesting case - though doesn't he always!  He dominates the third question - 29 out of 71 respondents (so about 40%) expressing strong interest in him.  And he is the #1 second choice as well.  But he drops down to #5, when it comes to who people would most like to see videos about!  

The other thinkers that seem to be getting a good bit of support are: Benedict Spinoza, Soren Kierkegaard, and Martin Heidegger.  I'd say that David Hume was as well, except that only one person responded that Hume was their #1 choice!