Premiering "Visitation" by Elizabeth Dishman
Hello Patrons!

I'm excited to share, for this very first Patreon post, that today we premiered a new work from choreographer Elizabeth Dishman entitled Visitation. The video of the work is above and here is the link to our site with all the details including Elizabeth's thought process behind it:

The work is powerful on its own, but also rests beautifully on the verse. I'd recommend reading the passage she is responding to (1 Kings 10: 1-10) right before or after you view. 

Elizabeth and her dance company Dishman and Co. have been friends of this project for years. Elizabeth has curated many artists and created gorgeous works. I just searched for her last name on our site and was reminded of the many ways she has intersected with this project. 

Thanks for being a patron here! If you are new and haven't signed up as a patron and you are considering, please do. Try it out; it's a low commitment way to make a difference here, and you'll be supporting the work of Elizabeth and so many extraordinary artists. 

Next week we continue our focus on the books of 1 & 2 Kings and the biblical accounts there of transfer of leadership with written work from Seth Villegas. 

Thanks again!