Premise of Paper Triangle
A Link to my Facebook page to tell you more about the comic I'm developing called Paper Triangle. Original story that I'm developing to turn into a comic Premise: AU during the cold war in Russia a new artifact had been found. Pens that could produce living drawings were stolen and distributed. Out of these stolen pens one landed in the hands of Sophie, who's brother is part of the military trying to recover the pens to gain status. When Sophie uses the stolen pen she creates Dimitri a cat who is the exact opposite of Sophie. Sophie is taken out of her home and placed in an artists colony for safety by her father. This Artists colony is safe haven for artists throughout the country and the only militia free zone. Although Sophie at first blames Dimitri for ripping her out of her home, their connection is unbreakable. But when Hana the first artist to create a drawing comes to ask for help to get her drawing, Alastor, from the bowls of the Russian militia, will Sophie continue to protect Dimitri from being kidnapped like Alastor? Will her sympathy for Hana take over for them to complete a task that is impossible? After all Hana was the former generalissimo's daughter. Enjoy ~Ksilver
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