Premium Delivery Health | Lisesharte prostitution
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May 2017 hi-light post. Guro ver. added. For Patron, please check this link for updated files.

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[JPG] template sex pose : 7 pcs JPG

Pic 1 A poster for the resort promotion

Pic 2 Introduction place for their girls

Pic 3 Galgame theme layout meet the girl

Pic 4-7 SEX!SEX!SEX!

2 Sample girls

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[JPG] template sex pose guro

Pic 8-9 Behead

Pic 10 Meal

[PNG] template sex pose

Backgroundless PNG sheet (120 dpi)!wYEUlTCY!EsBXqn0Scgt4d3wzVQeDOlvTLNPa5QPd68te4tomstQ  

[PSD] template sex pose poster

Cover Poster and model introduction PSD!9M0QDQoY!VAeO79DfRMBoQtvhOnHPlEjZKbADggQi8RslnO9rmLA