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Meta Infographic: 

An in depth look at the meta on the last 3 patches for the TOP 5 Leagues (LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LMS and International tournament).


Team comparison - betting tips:

The team comparison page is allowing you to compare the most common stats used on betting website:

  • Win Rate
  • First Blood
  • First Tower
  • Most Kills
  • First Dragon
  • First Baron
  • First Inhibitor

For each category, you can compare the team's stats:

  • accross the current season/split
  • in recent matches
  • In their previous faceoffs


Champions Synergy:

For a selected champion, you can see some stats in different situations :

  • Direct matchups

  • Indirects matchups

  • Good With

Game Search Engine:

A game search engine with a lot of custom filter showing a game list and some basics stats (winrate, KDA).

Some example of search you can do:

Galio Mid Red side vs Lissandra (Spring S9):

Bjergsen vs Doublelift:

More stuff is coming soon:

  • More filters: teams, pentakill, firstblood, summoners, items, runes, …
  • Save/Load your filters settings.
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