Preorders, Exclusive Comic, and Livestream
It's October!

The busy holiday season has started, and FE will be no exception. This month the next FE book is being prepped for print, which means it's time for Preorders! Anyone who pledges $15+ this month will get a copy of Volume 2 reserved for them in the first print run.

October's also a Short Story month, and the comic being featured is an exclusive short from Volume 2. (Cover's above!) Six pages of Cat's professor confiding in a friend about her settling into Utah. Those who pledge any amount in October will get access to patron-exclusive posts and their own digital copy, as well.

And finally, because this month's going to be busy, the monthly Patron Livestream will be happening tomorrow night, at 7pm Mountain Standard Time. Come chat and see the next FE page being made.

And as always, thank you guys so much! Your support is the reason Volume 2 is happening, I hope you enjoy the book and comics being made this month~


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