Preparing for learning the Runes (public post)

I hope you had a great end of December, however you chose to participate. I'm back from several things, family events both up and down, and warming up my fingers to write and prepare for January's start class. 

Initially we will get used to the method, and the ideas, and the way we will approach those ideas at the start of the program, moving into the Runes later in the month. 

The following are a few notes, some are answered questions, but I thought they were fitting for all. 

We are not using a book, I am referencing some books. The/A book is not important at this time. 

You will draw, fiddle, doodle, paint, sculpt runes on your own, and ultimately in a piece that is collaborative (which Scott will create) that details of each Rune and (may) include something you crafted in the process such as a suggesting or piece you share from your study. 

This final will be photographed or scanned, and made into printable art for those who subscribe. 

You do not need to know the runes.

(You may know everything about the runes, and the exploratory processes may help you, but seat yourself as a collective voice, not the teacher). 

We're here to learn through A.V.K: Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic. Meaning there will be listening, reading, and making. 

There is a technique of meditation we will use, that embraces active imagination, guided visualization, and sometimes chanting out the runes. If you have already engaged our meditation technique you're all set. If you need to be introduced to that, you must be subscribed, and that is under the "how-to" hash-tag. 

A final wrap up meditation "how to" is in progress to bring it all together in preparation for this class.

Each visualization is crafted for the particular rune. There may be a method you recognize, but each will be unique to the symbol. 

There is spirit work behind each class, there are many layers to the learning, depends on how deep you, go. 

You will want:

  • Journal
  • Writing pens
  • Chalk, colored pens, paint, whatever your preferred medium is with making. 
  • We will discuss the rune making process towards the end of the month
  • Time during your week, I suggest picking a day and committing to it. :)
  • the daring to share your journey's with the group!

Privacy is important. 

What happens on the Patreon such as personal shares and pieces that are part of the final creation process, method for meditation, and other pieces are going into creative processes and aren't for public sharing, or teaching others (at the moment). Published materials will be released to the public, when they are published. Thank you for respecting the integrity of the page and process. This is also important that we understand we're not here to share what other people are experiencing either. 

One can say they are taking a class, learning runes, and what they got out of it, but as with all our classes we agree not to share names, personal information, and other experiences in our own narrative. Let other's have the space to have their privacy and experience, and feel free to (all) play within that safe-space. 

January 5th is super close! We'll start easy. This is supposed to be fun, that's part of the reason it is spaced out over a year at the $5 level. 

If you feel you may have someone interested in joining in locally, or distant, please share this post!

Thank you,

Scott K Smith
Practice | Magick 

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